Insurance and Unbanked? We shall see.

I found several recent articles that signal when the health care changes go into effect next year with the inevitable rise in people having insurance, a new challenge may arise for unbanked citizens. There are, as of 2011, 1 in 12 American households that are unbanked, (referring to people who do not have a formal relationship with a traditional financial institution like a bank or credit union), almost 10 million in total. There are many reasons households (including the over 28.2% that earn less than $15,000 a year) choose not to have a bank account, but some of the biggest reasons they don’t is because either 1)they don’t think they have enough money to warrant one, or 2)they just plain don’t want one.


Don’t like Plan B? Try Plan C.

In light of the recent federal activity about Plan B, the emergency birth control pill and the moral back-and-forth about its use, it is probably not by too surprising that I found this fantastic article on the Atlantic about an alternative method for reducing teenage pregnancy.


And speaking of education…

I learned something new yesterday.  I was in an ethics training presented by someone who works for the state Department of Corrections, and he said that the #1 greatest tool against reoffending was if the person got their GED while in the joint, or if they generally improve their educational foundation.

He said that getting or remaining sober was a low and humble #5.