More on lending circles – something that’s taking hold!

Article about funding circles in the UK, particularly for entrepreneurs. This is exciting, because I’m starting to think about creating a start up for personal loans, like the lending circle by the Mission asset fund in San Francisco, that have one loan for immigrants to pay for citizenship.  Given how expensive the process is, this would be such a pro-active way to help people settle in the US legally.

Loans like this are administered and function in third-world nations where there’s a focus on economic development, and I don’t know why they’re not done in the US.  I’ve started to hear about a few, and wanted to do dissertation research on them. (Still do, and still might.)

Can I make a start-up out of something like this? What would it look like?  Anyone have any insight in this?

(Also, here’s another article about something in Philly.)