NPR’s “Unfit for Work;” Report unfit to present

One of my readers suggested I check out and comment on a recent NPR story on disability called “Unfit for Work.” (While I was looking for the story, I also found an overwhelming backlash , which I tried not to read so it wouldn’t “taint” my view on the story).

After reading the story and mulling over the details presented, I think that this story is one-sided and incomplete.  Not really on any particular point (because I didn’t go fact-checking that closely, though I can easily imagine incorrect points) but because of the method used to arrive to it’s conclusions. The report examines a few statistics and draws simple correlations; not in itself a bad thing.  Yet then assumptions of causality were drawn upon these correlations, a pedestrian mistake and something that detracted from the story’s credibility.


Did you know this about SSI? Follow-up

So after I posted this, I linked it up with some other social sites, kept talking about it with folks around me, and got some more insight.