Versatile Blogger Award – Woot!

What a treat!  Fellow blogger Mollygreye nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award, and I’m am so excited – it’s my first time having been nominated for something on here.

So, I saw that she nominated me and was happy that now I have a little icon to put on the side of my blog, but I also assumed that there were some expectations of me in order to fly that little banner. I did some looking around on the WP-sphere, and I might be wrong, but it seems that now I need to do two things: To list seven facts about myself, presumably about things I haven’t or wouldn’t normally share in my blog posts, and then nominate 15 bloggers for this award.

So. Seven facts. (Which is surprisingly harder than you’d think.)

  1. I don’t know how to roll my “r’s.” I have tried my whole life, and people have tried to teach me.  I think I’ve gotten kind of close sometimes, which I think it progress, but not the trill like I want.
  2. After I came out of the coma from my car accident, I liked tomatoes, which I hated before, but I didn’t like Leonardo DiCaprio any more, and I thought he was gorgeous before.
  3. I marched at a KC Royals game when I was in college.
  4. I prefer dark to milk chocolate.
  5. I read Beowolf in 7th grade. I had found it on the side of a highway overpass. I didn’t get it.
  6. I have double vision, so I see two of everything.
  7. I am afraid of the dark. I’m 30-some years old, and I’m still afraid of the dark.

And now, to nominate “new” bloggers for this award (I put new in quotes because they’re new to me; I’ve only been on here for six months or so.)

Geek Ergo Sum

Oh, She Ventures…

The Beach House Kitchen

Thoughts From A Spiral-bound Notebook

Texan In Tokyo

A Galway Photo Blog

Politics Of Equality

Working-Class Perspectives

The Happsters

Iam Who Iam

Words For Worms

The Doctor Who Mind Robber

Three Chic Geeks


Stories By Mercilo Daviss 

A Galway Photo Blog 

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mollygreye
    Aug 28, 2013 @ 11:53:10

    Congrats!!!! 🙂


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