Is racial equality being sacrificed on the altar of class equality?

Thanks to a Linkedin group, I read an article that came out a few weeks ago from the New York Times that seems to caution readers that race, particularly in the context of college admissions, is starting to fall behind economic class in the affirmative action hierarchy.

I believe that the author of the op-ed, the N.A.A.C.P. legal defense president, fears that race will lost its place in public consciousness and become a problem that we “solved” and don’t need to think about anymore. I agree with that fear and think it’s justified. However, I thought the overall tone of the op-ed was dismissive of the influence of class and income, as though it is not as important as race and I disagree. I think that class and income is far more important than we have heretofore acknowledged.

There was one passage in particular that stood out to me:

If there is public discomfort [about race], it is precisely because race still does matter, because it still resonates so powerfully in American life.

Could not the same could be said for class? There is a lot of discomfort talking about class or class equality, so does that mean the is discomfort is because class matters?  I think it does, and I think it should be acknowledged and thought about like race is. It’s still part of a system that is unjust. I’m glad it was written about.

What do you think? Is it possible to merge race and class? Should that even be done?


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