Too much thought for the happiest place on earth.


Later this week, my significant other (let’s call him Cohiba) and I are taking a vacation in Disney, and we’ve been watching Disney movies to get in the spirit for this weekend’s trip.  Sunday, I saw Lilo and Stitch for the first time and had several different reactions. It broke my heart as it was supposed to, and I was pleased to see that they drew an adult woman (Lilo’s sister) that looked different than the women they usually draw (she had larger thighs and a belly).

<sidebar time> (I also noticed there was a social worker in this movie; I think the first one I’ve seen in a Disney movie. He was a threatening and taciturn “Men in Black” figure, and I kind of hate that they portrayed their only one like that.  A social worker is a hero/heroine!) <sidebar over>

Cohiba and I both LOVE to travel, and before we were together, we had radically different ways of doing this.  So far, in the decision of which way should we do it, we go his way.  This is fine, though I do go through a conscience wringer when I travel with him.

I can spot a homeless person at 20 paces. I always wonder about the businesses we’re patronizing.  “Do they offer equitable wages? Do they allow their workers adequate breaks?”

When we go to Disney, however, I don’t really see poor people.  I really don’t see homeless people.  I think about the influence of the Disney Park on the local economy, and I want to ask the staff (who are from all over the world) “Are you treated fairly?”

I was thinking about poor people in Disney movies.  Aladdin, Cinderella, Robin Hood who steals from the rich and gives to the poor, and I’ve heard, though I haven’t yet seen, the prince Naveen from Princess and the Frog is poor and plans to marry a rich woman.

The poor people are scrappy and, to borrow the Jafar’s phrase, “a diamond in the rough.”   I think it might be nice to see a working class family or individual who has adventures. Actually, I think Lilo and Stitch was kind of like this – it was good to see.

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