Captain Kirk and Lemon Squeezy

I’ve been working on my song-writing career, trying to get it to take off.  Tell me what you think about this:

“They raise the babes and Captain Kirk

to take it lemon squeezy

Until it comes time to pay the Duke

Pop! Goes the weasel!”

This verse is a continuation of the original “Pop goes the Weasel,” and this new verse will be on the soon-to-be-released Nursery Rhymes 2.0.*

As it happens, while the original nursery rhyme on which this verse is patterned, Pop goes the Weasel, has a lilting and sing-songy cadence, it has a darker meaning. “Pop” is the Cockney slang word for pawn and “weasel” is the slang word for suit.   According to a nursery rhyme explanation board from the UK, when times were hard for poor people, they would pawn their good Sunday suit  on a Monday and claim it back before the following Sunday.

My new verse is meant to continue in this vein and comment on something I think reinforces poverty, and that is the dearth of affordable housing.

I found one article that posited quality and affordable housing is an unfulfilled part of the social contract between the nation and its citizens. This article identifies a number of contributing factors, including such things as zoning laws to personal financial pracites.

A February 2012 report by the Center for Housing Policy found that almost 25% of working households (households that work more than 20 hours a week and have income of no more than 120 percent of the median income in their area) spend more than half their income on housing costs.

As I work with my homeless clients now, the primary structural barrier that we encounter is the lack of affordable housing. These clients may be doing everything right, they have income, they’re sober/medicated, they’re doing it all right, but they can’t find a place to live – not a place they can afford for the long term. Instead, several people spend their nights in a shelter and their days in a rented storage locker where they set up virtual living rooms with televisions and chairs. It’s a place for them to be out of the elements, store their belongings, and get some peace.

Incredibly, these are the posh folks.

People deserve better than a cement storage locker and a homeless shelter. There will not be one simple direct solution to this, but since there are so many factors, there are several different ways to improve this. And we can all take it lemon squeezy.

*I’m not really recording Nursery Rhymes 2.0.  You probably knew that. 🙂

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