Debt with a return

In general, I’m not so quick on the political uptake. I never feel like I have the “full” story, but I feel like I should, as a good poverty and policy blogger, talk about the looming sequestration, due to go into effect on Friday.

Nothing about this is pretty or kind.  If it goes into effect, it will be painful.  If it doesn’t, there will be posturing and under-the-table decisions that are painful.

The Washington Post has a feature that shows the effect the sequester will have for each state in several different social categories. Though I hate the thought of not advocating for the stop violence against women program, public & national protection or senior programs, I think that the issues relating to children should be prioritized.  Taking a long view of our national future, a greater percentage of the money spent on children’s needs will be an investment from which we will all benefit.  Poverty is generational, and education is the best way for future generations to evade that.

Of course, it could also be argued that funding for other things (like their parent’s job training programs) will affect children’s needs as well, and I agree with this as well. Nothing about this is pretty or easy.  I just wanted to share the link with you and see what you think about it?

Education: a debt due from present to future generations. -George Peabody

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